WETCLITArtboard 1@2x.png
WTCLT ROLESArtboard 4@2x.png

Wetclit is a Vancouver based duo who produce and preform an eclectic mix of political-pop-punk-techno music. The pair needed a music video of their debut single “Don’t take it,” as well as cohesive promotional images to promote themselves. Lead singer Holly Peck chose to be center stage in her signature vinyl bodysuit, while her partner opted to stay in the shadows. I created a monochromatic, minimal yet textural and engaging video where themes within the songs lyrics were explored. The semi-nude, briefcase clutching model, poses as a stereotypical “Music video hoe,” which acts as a visual metaphor for female sexual empowerment and the glass ceiling. Juxtaposed against this, Holly stands dominant and powerful while covered head to toe in a look that is at once modest and overtly sexual. For the still images, I wanted to continue with themes of opposition and tension so I tried to capture Holly in moments of both strength and control versus submissive tenderness.